You should take the words “a book review” with a grain of salt as I don’t have an MFA, I didn’t major in English (Journalism at the time was my jam) and I’m not going to do a serious analysis of the merits of the writing and whether I thought this was plot driven or character driven.  Well, ok, on that last point, this was a bit of a mix of both although I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there who would disagree with me.
Dead Witch Walking was published in 2004. I don’t know how I missed out on this series throughout the years. Kim Harrison is the author and she just published the last book in the series last year. I think it was last year. It was either last year or 2013.  When you get to be my age, the years tend to blend together.  But I digress.  How did I not know about this series until just now.  I didn’t realize at that time, that The Witch With No Name was the last book. I contemplated just skipping the first 11 and going straight to this one. But then I would have cheated myself out of the enjoyment of Dead Witch Walking. Plus, I love a good origin story. And this is that in spades.
I found this to be an extremely entertaining read and am looking forward to reading the second book in the series. This series is definitely one that you could suggest to all those people who are asking for the “Adult Harry Potter” and what do we read now that we are adults and Harry Potter is over.  I look forward to seeing what other hijinks the group will get into in the next book. I’m happy I’ve got 11 more stories to read.  
And then of course, Kim Harrison has another series so there’s that to look forward to. I think she’s going to be one of my go to authors when I need something that isn’t too heavy but with the story girth behind the pages.


I’m a voracious reader. Anyone who knows me in real life, or even on the interwebs, knows that I love to read more than anything. Ok, almost anything.
One area though, that I have not really gotten into reading is poetry.  I read it in school, and in college, but reading poetry on my own. For it’s own merit’s and entertainment. No, not something that ever appealed to me. But something my little girl (turning twelve next week!! Ay, where did the time go) said to me yesterday made me realize that I do like poetry.  She said her English teacher told her she is such a music lover that she would definitely enjoy reading poetry. Because what are songs with lyrics but poems set to music.  I told her I totally agreed with him and that we should find some poetry to read together as our summer project.
So what say you internet? Do we start with Poe, Whitman, or Dickenson?  Something more contemporary or even further back with say Chaucer?  Help me out! What poems do you like? 

It seems that it’s always this way. Where you start off the first few weeks of eating properly full steam ahead.  You’ve got great choices, whole foods (actual food, not the grocery chain) stocked and ready to go. And then, I’m not sure if it’s just life or what, but something happens. You get rushed at dinner, you forget or don’t have time to pack lunch, so you have to wing it. And the poor food choices follow. Sometimes it’s just a once in a while thing. Sometimes it’s an entire weekend. Sometimes it’s night time snacking.  Whatever the excuse is, it’s there.  And before you know it, you have a week where there is a big gain.
I’ve been lucky this time around.  I did have a gain. And it was a big one, for me anyway. It took me another two weeks to get rid of that gain. When I go to the meetings, I feel really motivated and inspired. But you have to find that motivation within yourself too. At least I do. Because 7 days is a long time to go before you feel motivated again and get that weekly charge that you need to get.  I feel lucky because I’ve been able to keep track of everything I’ve been eating. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  And I’ve managed to stay within my points and managed to watch the scale slowly creep down.  I need to remember that exact feeling when I get on the scale and I see it’s gone down. Because, that my friends, is my motivation. 
I know they tell you not to live or die by the scale. And I truly don’t feel like I do. BUT, and that’s a big butt there, (see what I just did) I can’t help it. That along with how my clothes fit, is my biggest motivater.  Those two things are what keep me plugging along in this.  I was at Lifetime, at goal, at the right number. I don’t have a set, specific number. I just know the range I need to be in. And I’m going to get there again. Because I’ve done it before and I know I can do it again.
My daughter competes in gymnastics and there is this one quote that I have said to her over and over again when she’s had a rough practice. It’s something I repeat to myself when I think that weight loss is hard.   It’s from the movie, A League of Thier Own.  “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, then everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great”.  I remember this when I tell myself this is hard. And then I tell myself that it isn’t “that” hard.  Doing a round off back handspring on a balance beam. Now that’s hard.  Doing handstand fly-aways off the top parallel bars-now that’s hard.  This?  I got this.

This time it has been different. This go ’round feels more like the time when I lost all of the weight and finally made lifetime back in 2004.  I haven’t been perfect, who is? But I’ve been totally accountable and honest and doing instead of just trying.  
It helps to have a supportive husband, but sometimes, having a supportive husband makes it difficult too.  What I mean is that he can snack. I’ve had to tell myself over and over again, that I can’t eat like he does. His job, his metabolism, everything is so different than mine. I just have to do what is right for me.  I found a great meeting time and the leader is so awesome. My next goal is going to be to get some fitness into my every day life.  That doesn’t mean every day. I tried that before and it really didn’t work for me. So I’m trying to find a balance. A way to incorporate fitness into an already busy life.  I’ll figure it out. I always do.

My first Blogo post

I finally bit the bullet and bought an app for my MacBook Pro to try and get myself blogging more often. My problem isn’t ideas or concepts to blog about, my problem has always been logistics and functionality. Pictures, videos, and links have always been so time consuming for me that I just would avoid blogging altogether. Even when I had some fantastic ideas, I would avoid the computer because just thinking about how frustrating I would become when I couldn’t get the photos/post to look the way I wanted would deter me from even writing altogether.

Testing the picture

Writing is something I have always loved to do. I was one of those kids who loved the essay question on test because it allowed me an opportunity to expouse on and on about whatever. I know I’m usually all over the place on the blog, so a name change might be coming, but in the meantime I’m going to test this app out. It was only $30 so if it’s a success, then it’s money well spent and if it isn’t a success, then I’m out only a small amount of money.

Coming soon: What I’ve been reading lately, another attempt at Weight Watchers and why I think this will be the time that I get back to Lifetime with them. Also, fun with fitness. Or rather, how I’m not having fun and I’m not getting much fitness done. The pedometer tells the truth even when I don’t.

I’ve always been an avid reader. And when I was younger, I used to love to read comics.  Mostly Archie, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Josie and The Pussycats. josie

I also loved Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Justice League. I was totally a DC kid. But the continuity always was a problem for me for the super hero comics. But i didn’t really care, because, I was a kid, and kids back in the day didn’t think along the lines of “oh, I can’t read this comic because I don’t know the continuity.” Back when I was reading comics (early 80s) you just grabbed whatever looked cool off of the spinner rack at the local 7-11.  Then you’d ride back home and re-read those comics until the staples holding them together started coming loose.  Eventually, I heard about a writer, Brian K Vaughn and his story, Y, The Last Man.  That, right there folks, was what did it for me. That was story telling at it’s finest. Also, the art!! I could see what the kids were talking about! I read those quickly and definitely wanted more. But I wasn’t sure what.

When DC rebooted all of it’s series in 2011, I thought, this is the perfect time to get with comics again. My children, two boys and a girl, were ecstatic.  The boys had been reading comics since they could read. Actually, at various points in their lives, it was the only reading I could get them to do. But I am one of those moms/people who always thought any reading is good reading.  And then, with the New52 DC reboot, I started reading comics again.  Trips to the comic book store became a regular occurrence in our house. Then the guy at the comic store told me about this new comic  called Saga. BY BRIAN K VAUGHN!! You guys! I knew that this was going to be my gateway drug. Saga Cover

And it totally was!! I signed up for a Comixology account and started reading several other comics. I even joined Marvel Unlimited in an attempt to conquer my continuity issues.  (hah, see what I did there)

While I still consider myself a comic newbie, I’m enjoying diving back into the deep end!

Backlist Blogging for 2015

I was listening to the Book on the Nightstand podcast the other day and one of the segments focused on backlist. What it is, what it means, and why it’s definitely an enjoyable thing.  I found myself nodding along to Ann and Michael’s comments on the topic and realized that this is it. This is what I wanted to focus on for 2015.  We (my husband and I) bought a new home in 2014 and when we moved I came to the realization that I had a lot of books. Enough books to keep me reading the next 5-6 years or so without purchasing another book. While we all know that isn’t going to happen, I decided that I would blog backlist style for 2015.  That would give me something to constantly write about as well as help me get rid of some of the Mount TBR I have growing in our office.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture right now but I will remedy that with the next post.  The reason MTBR is all over the office is that the cheap ladder shelf I bought from Target buckled and broke. It’s a safety hazard to use right now. So my vow to backlistblog couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’ve got stacks in my living room and in the office not to mention a busting bookcase by the front door. They all have books that at one time or another I was dying to read. I’m going to get on that right away.  My reading plans for February include: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, 1st to Die by James Patterson, Inferno by Dan Brown, and finishing Dreamers and Deceivers by Glenn Beck. Which isn’t a backlist book at all. It was released in December and was a Christmas present. I’m also participating in a few reading challenges which will also be helpful in reading strictly backlist.

Meanwhile, I’m keeping a list of new releases that I want to read. By the time I get to them, they too will be considered backlist.