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Calories Count

It’s the only explanation I can come up with in an attempt to justify my weight gain even though i exercised and ate right.

The alcohol probably didn’t help, but truthfully, I didn’t have *that* much to drink.  
I am hitting it hard the next few days, because I have the 5K that I am running with Crystal.  I am excited and nervous about it at the same time, because I don’t want to have a too poor of a showing and also because it is my first race.
In other news, I NEED new running shoes immediately following this race.

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Exercise on Vacation

Did not keep me from gaining a couple of pounds. jeeze. What the heck do you have to do. I exercised three out of the 4 days and the 4th day was the day I left so there was no way I had time for a work out that day.  

But, ok, so the plus side is that I would have maybe gained more?? I don’t know, all i know is that I was in vancouver, and I did relatively well while still being able to eat somewhat right and not have junk. That is the one thing I am proud of, i didn’t eat just to eat. That is because this is the way I eat now.
I did stay true to no meat, even though it made it a little difficult during the dim sum in chinatown. Which was really good and authentic.
I actually had to ice my knee one day after all of the walking, exercising and dancing I was doing. 
My quest for a rock solid body continues.  

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1. It’s Florida. Why do you have to “make” hills. These don’t bother me when I am starting out, but coming back from a 3 mile run, yea, those fake hills suck.

2.  Running into the wind is much harder on your second part of your run.
3. I hate those damn little gnats.  I never breathe in through my mouth except when there is a swarm of these stupid things. Reminds me of the trolls on the boards.
4. I need to use a knee sleeve. And don’t forget to ice it afterwards.

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And eating right. It’s funny, how working out impacts my ability to not eat shit. I have no desire to put anything into my body that isn’t totally beneficial to it after working out. Whether it’s just lifting some weights (i use that term loosely as they are only 5 lb weights) or running or doing a dvd (thank god for my new player) I don’t feel the need to snack or eat anything when I am not truly hungry.

It has taken me about 2-3 weeks to get to this point. And trust me 5am wake up calls aren’t exactly thrilling yet. But once I get it out of the way I feel free to go about my day. I have even started working out a second time after work.  I guess because I am so sleepy in the morning that I don’t feel it counts.
It’s funny because I wrote about how going on a date with a yummy hottie also gives me incentive to stay OP. I mean honestly, the thought of appearing naked or in a bathing suit with this guy has me doing like 100 sit ups. But it really isnt’ the date that has me going. Because as E said, well, what if he doesn’t call, does that mean that you aren’t going to keep working out. Hell no, like I said Sat night, men are like buses, one comes by every 11 min or so. But seriously, I feel so good about what I am doing right now, my motivation comes from within. Not from an external source.
That is just gravy!!

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And I can really feel it in my knee.  

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Another running day

And I am down again, the scale that is.

I ran today on 4 hours of sleep.  3 miles.  I walked/ran. but wow.  I felt like crap immediately afterward.  Why did I get only 4 hours sleep. Ahh, see the other blog for that news story.
But I did.  It makes me feel strong. It makes me feel confident. I am out to defy the odds that things go downhill after 40. I am totally on a mission.  
I will do it.

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The 5K Spet 6th

Yes, in three weeks. Obviously, while I look at a calendar all day long, I failed to notice this little tidbit of information prior to registering for this race.

Whatever, the mere fact that everyone thinks I can’t do it only give me the strength I need to forge ahead. Just so I can say, hah, you were wrong.

I am soooooo stubborn like that.

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