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Because I was really glad when I woke up this morning that it was Friday.  And then I ate breakfast. And the uckies began then.  At first, I just thought that I was upset about something. And then I quickly realized that it was more than that. I had a bug of some kind?  I thought I could tough it out. But, I didn’t

Went home. Went to bed. Had a short nap. Rested for a few hours. Had some broth because I was feeling better and IT CAME BACK!!! Oh, and did I mention that I was out in 90+ degree weather and I was fine with the temperature. Most probably because I had spiked a fever.  After I had the broth, I felt like crap again.

So, I hung out in bed for a bit, then went to get the kids. Had a cracker. Felt like crap. Had a a bite of plain potato, felt like crap. So that’s it. I’ve always wanted to not eat. And be physically ill when I do. Here’s my opportunity. (yea, that was a joke people, I don’t really want to stay sick and I want to eat).

I did learn something important about myself today. I can get a little crazy.  But I can also get talked down. And I can trust. I really can.  I have something to believe in. And I do.  I’ll keep working on that whole patience thing.

But for now, I’m going to go and try not to throw up the one bite of potato that I ate. Hopefully this stops. Otherwise, whoo hoo big weight loss.


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July 29, 1981

Do you know where you were on this date 29 years ago?  I was 12. (a certain someone was 2, but I digress) And I had been following this royal romance the entire summer.  As a young girl, I was enthralled with the Royals. This is probably what set me up as an Anglophile.  I’ve always been enraptured by the British and I guess I can trace it back to this day. (Although, as far back as I can remember I’ve woken early to watch Wimbledon, so maybe THAT was what set me off. It’s a toss up)

I remember waking up at 5am in order to watch the procession. I remember I was spending the summer, or most of it, at my grandparents house and I woke up earlier than the adults who had to go to work did.  My girlfriends and I had planned it out that way. We would call each other and watch it together via telephone. Since it was so early in the morning, my grandparents didn’t care. I went into the bedroom where the big tv was (big being a relative term as back then 21 inches was big) and immediately turned it on.  I remember my aunt walking in when she woke up to go to work asking what the heck I was doing up so early. Well silly, The Princess was getting married!!! I had to watch it in all it’s splendid glory.

There were so many people lining the path (roads?) on the way to the cathedral and I imagined how it must have been to be making that ride down the road with all of the people waving at you.  I was really glad that the Princess decided to get married during the summer since that meant I would get to watch it.  Watching her get out of her carriage, I couldn’t help but wish that one day, I too would find a Prince to marry (although, could he please be a little cuter, like say Andrew?).   I watched them both make mistakes during their vows and I thought it was cute. Even at 12 I knew what nerves were like. And after the ceremony, when they rode away in that carriage, le sigh. That was what I wanted.

As a little girl, who was slightly spoiled, watching all that glitter and the bride walking down the long church aisle in that beautiful dress and the Prince, waiting for her in his regal uniform, well, *swoon* it definitely set in my heads some ideas. Of course, as a kid, who knew the problems that would befall my happy couple.  All I knew was that I wanted a wedding like that. Or as close to it as I could come.

That wedding to me defined love at that young age.  I wanted to wear a dress like that, and marry the Prince of my dreams.  Of course, I had no idea at the time about any of these things. I just knew that I wanted to be like Princess Di. Me and every other 12 year-old that summer of 1981.  I did get married, and divorced. But I never did get my special wedding.

I’m still hopeful that I’ll get it. Better late than never.

The Wedding of the Century

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My first foray into reading graphic novels came from recommendations from several people whose opinions I trust.  Josh at Brews and Books was one of the people who recommended it.  My beloved was another, as was Michael from BOTNS.  With that kind of billing, I figured, I must like them. I had numerous conversations about them before I even picked them up. So I requested them from my library and got to reading.

For those of you who don’t know, this is a story about a guy who survives a plague that kills all of the men. Actually, it kills all creatures who are male, except for our main character and his beloved monkey pet.

I initially only had the first two volumes which immediately sucked me into the story. The initial two volumes lead you into a very deep and complex story and you aren’t really sure who is on whose side by Vol. 3.  You aren’t really sure by that point why this one guy, a seemingly decent guy who is a bit of a douche-bag, was the guy who was chosen to be alive.   You aren’t sure actually, if he can remain alive and how.  But the story that is woven with the drawings and writing makes you come to believe that there is some secret.  I also became enthralled with Ampersand (Yorick’s monkey friend) and he became as big as a piece of the story as Yorick was.  There were several characters as well that were annoying as hell and never got redemption. I imagine that was supposed to be that way. You can’t like everyone.

This series had quite a few twists and turns along the way, and kept you guessing at every turn. The story was presented in such a way that you could follow what was happening, but you never really had all of your questions answered.  The inflection of comedic one liners also helped to lighten what was a very dark and depressing story.  You’ve also, by Vol. 5 been shown that the only people Yorick could totally trust was Dr. Mann and 355. Other than that, every other character’s motivations could be suspect.  Not that they were, but there was enough of a question, that you just didn’t know exactly whom (who?) to trust and how much.

One thing that I realized by Vol. 8 is that balance is so important.  Women, left to their own devices, at least as depicted in this set of books, can be total bitches. Yea, I know that won’t be a popular statement, and I am a woman, but it’s true.  Not all women, of course, but in my experience, there are a lot of women that I know right now that would react the way some of the women in these books did.  Power hungry, manipulative, lying bitches.  The same goes the other way, as was also shown in a dream sequence in one of the volumes. Men, on their own, would make a bloody mess of this world as well.

At one point, Yorick mentions a Welsh custom that when a bride and groom are getting married the village cuts down the trees and sets them on fire so that the groom has obstacles to overcome to get to his bride.  Of course, I immediately related this to my own situation.  Because I’m slightly narcissistic that way.  But in the story line, Yorick was using it as an example of his search for his own beloved.  He was right about the obstacles. It was the journey though, not the final destination that was important here.

By the time Vol. 10 came around, I was totally invested in this dystopian world that Brian K. Vaughn had built up for me.  And this volume was filled with so much angst, irony and sadness that I actually cried. Yes, I said it, I cried at a comic book. Felt like I was a little kid again but the tapestry of the storyline is woven so well with the words and seeing the illustrations of these characters made them seem real.  I would say that this series is not for the faint of heart, but if you like action along with a great story and an ending that makes you think, then these are definitely for you.

As for me, I now know that the graphic novels my son reads can be as literary as any novel I happen to pick up.

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Which is a good thing.  I had school last night, and we didn’t get out of there until late. Like 930p.  Which is late, as we are usually out of there between 830 and 930p. There are no anecdotal stories from my classmates though. They were relatively well-behaved as there was a guest speaker. Then we reviewed for the final exam.

After that I came home, and had to dig out my tax returns for the eldest for his financial aid.  I was lucky that I was able to speak to my beloved on the phone regardless of the late hour. Dinner was a couple of bites of shrimp and uh, yea, I forgot.  Today was a relatively quiet day at work.  When I came home I finished the last volume of Y: The Last Man.  I plan on writing a full post review as it was, in a word, AMAZING.  Deserving of it’s own post, for sure.

Tonight, after a dinner of some tenderloin over a salad I’m going to watch Batman Begins. Yes, I know, shocked that I’ve never seen it before. But I have it on good authority that it’s a must see as is The Dark Knight.  Uh, I didn’t realize that Liam Neeson was in this movie.  Love me some Liam 🙂

Quote of the night comes from the beginning of that movie,  “Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.”

Have a great night!

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I woke up this morning very tired. I stayed up late last night, first to watch a little Mad Men. Oh, Don Draper, what you do to me.  And then I found I couldn’t sleep. So, I woke up today a little tired and a little apprehensive as someone very close and important in my life was getting some news and I was hoping for the best.

The news wasn’t all bad, but it definitely wasn’t the good news that we were waiting for.  I was crushed, but I couldn’t let that show. First, my son J was with me and then the other thing is I need to be strong. I am not the one actually going through this, and therefore, I feel like I need to be the strong one. He’s called me his rock, and that is what I need to be. So, of course I held it in. The day had a bunch of little things that were driving me crazy. Which just made my day go downhill quickly. That and the fact that I was tired and sleepy made me really cranky and whiny. Thankfully I had some of my friends on Twitter keep me up and entertained. That and the boy helped to keep me positive.

I just had to let it out a little, and I did and now I feel fine. That and talking to the boy really helped. It’s going to be a rough week and a half or so for him, the least I can do is be strong for him. And I will.

I’m watching The Bachelorette tonight. Yea, I know. Every time I say I’m not going to watch this and every single time I wind up watching it. Ah well, trash TV every now and again is ok. Moderation is key.

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Sunday Morning always makes me think of the Maroone 5 song. Love them.

Yesterday we didn’t really do anything exciting. I did take pictures!!  This was Anthony leaving for college. This was hard to watch.

Leaving for college

Then there was breakfast

a hodge podge of food

Breakfast was potato, some chicken, eggs and a couple of slices of cheese. This made two portions so it is most likely going to be breakfast again today.

After breakfast chores were on tap and then we made a run to the library and the grocery store.  Yogurtland was a must stop as I had both kids with me. I must not have uploaded those pictures because I just went to load them and couldn’t find them. Ah well.

Then we came home and eventually ate dinner. Like I said there was nothing exciting about my Saturday. I did finish watching Spaced. That show was hilarious. I’m sad I’m done with the episodes.  They were really funny.  After that I watched the movie Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges.  Bridges won the Academy Award for that performance and I can see why.  He was amazing.  I was actually impressed with Colin Farrell’s performance in that one as well. He did a great job on the accent. I just wonder if that was him really singing?

I’m going to go enjoy some coffee and read a little before the little one wakes up. I do love early Sunday mornings.

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Saturday morning coffee. Almost as good as Sunday morning coffee. Except this is a Saturday like no other. My eldest has gone away to school.  Oh, the kiddos have the spent the night, several, away before. But the expectation that they would be back was always there. I know he will be back, but it’ll be him visiting.  Which is funny, considering, that thus far, he’s been my most difficult child.  And I think that this is the reason why I’m being emotional about it now. For as much as he and I have fought, there’s always been a closeness between us. We’ve made our little family here and he was the first one. So of course, it’s going to be bitter sweet as I send him to school.

I was ok, until HE started crying as he said goodbye to his little sister. THAT is what set me off. I can’t stand to see any of my children cry, but Ant? No, no. He’s too tough. He doesn’t cry. He keeps it in. So, for him to let it out, was just too much for me.  And just like that, off he went. While I’m sad about it, I’m so proud of him wanting to do what it takes to make his life better than what it currently is.  I know he’ll be successful. He’s got a determination about him that I’ve never seen before.  But I’m still going to worry.

I’m also worried about someone else who is undergoing a difficult situation. I’m a worrier. It’s what I do. And I don’t know that I can stop. I’m like that with the people that I love and care about. My family (that includes you Sir) mean everything to me, so I worry, especially when there isn’t anything else I can do. But while I worry, I’m also strong and will always be there for the people I love.

I’ve finally gotten everything I’ve wanted.  Children who are doing the positive things that they need to do to make themselves positive and productive members of society, an amazing man who loves me and is willing to move the world for me and a positive outlook of my future. I heard a latin saying this week, omnia quae cupio iam habeo. Which means, everything I want, I already have. Truer words could not have been spoken.

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