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The past week

Has been a good one. Or so I thought, until I got on the scale. UP. 2.4 

Well, apparently I must be eating past satisfaction, because I do believe that it is just a simple mathematical formula.
And no, it isn’t because I am exercising more and muscle weighs more than fat. Because a pound is a pound is a pound.
I won’t give up. 

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My run today

Was much harder than Saturdays run.  I had new shoes on and I was very tired from lack of sleep the last few nights. AND, I had the treadmill on an incline. I think I will do my next run, on wed, outside.  I need to run 3 miles, so I will do that outside. Having to muscle through it, I still ran 4 miles today.  AND I did weights.

I ate over all of my wpas this week and weigh in is tomorrow so we shall see how that affects it. PLUS, I ate sat’s aps. Which I don’t usually do.
But I did have an nsv in that I didn’t have the cake today. I had a bite of it and literally that’s it. I threw it away.  I am working to hard to throw it all away like that.  I really don’t want my belly to jiggle when I run. That and how can I eat like that when I am working out so hard.
This is a completely different mindset. One I haven’t had before.
update on weigh in tomorrow.

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Sunday night

I had too much to drink last night. And made today’s eating erratic. I still journaled all of it though. 

I also did work out today, even though I was wicked tired. Just a 40 min taebo strength dvd. According to my training schedule today was a strength and stretch day. So I did.
I also cooked several meals and stocked up on frozen veggies, so I am prepared for the week. I learned last week that if I don’t have precooked meals, or things cut up and prepared already, during the week that it just won’t get done. I get too busy and have too little time after working, the kids, and the gym to cook. PLUS, I really don’t eat a defined dinner. I eat at like 5p a snack and then I have a small meal after my work out.
Weigh in on tuesday so I will advise if my hard work has paid off any.

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Weigh In

I lost two pounds. And I joined a gym.  I am feeling strong like a bull and totally staying OP.

I am bound and determined to get my jiggly self into shape. I want to prove all the naysayers that just because a woman is turning a certain age, that doesn’t mean that she should give up.
And sign up dude at the gym, I could have totally been born in 1979. Everyone says it. Except, apparently you. WTF??
Anyway, been sticking to my menu, and not even wanting or having the desire to go off plan.  To quote Kate, this will be the last week I am at this weight.  I did realize that I absolutely need to precook all of my meals for the week. There is absolutely no desire from me to cook during the week. I get home too late, and I would rather just not eat than have to cook. That is not a good thing to do, so NSV for me.
In other running related news, there is a half marathon in Feb in Ft. Lauderdale. It goes along the beach. I am contemplating joining up. I shall discuss with my mentor and decide after that.

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The Week in Review

has really been great.  I ran about 14 miles this week. 5.25 of them accidently.  See my FB post to see about that.  It has to do with using the wrong route on mapmyrun.com

Anyway, I never did make the spicy tempeh broccoli. I think I will do that today.  I cooked way too much last week, and that makes it easy for this week, because I really don’t have to cook too many things this weekend.  I have lots of frozen stuff.  not as much as Anne, but still, a lot of stuff in the freezer.
today, no running. I run 4x a week, and I usually do that Mon-Thurs.  So I will do taebo and weights today. Maybe yoga, if I have time.  But I have been feeling really great and definitely want to get these abs in somewhat presentable condition.  
By feb.  20 pounds and 10% body fat. It’s totally doable. 

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Since I updated this blog.  Well, for my shenanigans since then just go look at the other blog or my facebook page. 

I have managed to maintain still. I am hovering within two to three pounds of this mid point range. So my good friend E has agreed to be my diet coach and receive and review my daily menu and how I do each day.  So far, not perfect, but definite progression to how I was doing. 
So maybe I should do my daily emails here too. Or maybe it’s overkill. No, I think I will.  Today is a chores kind of day so I will be leaving shortly to finish my grocery shopping and rent a carpet cleaner. The dirty carpet in my apt. has been driving me nuts and no matter how much I clean the place it still looks gross because of it. So I will be renting one of ‘those’ machines and cleaning. I also have about a bazillion loads of laundry to fold and wash. That will however have to wait as I promised my daughter I would go to the pool.
In exchange for this fun filled day, I have given up on going to the UM vs FSU game.  The nosebleed sections were $65 and I just didn’t feel justified given my current economic state in spending that, plus $20 in parking and then whatever else I spent at the game.  There was no way. Plus, I need some one on one w/Shyanne and with the boys at their dad’s today is the perfect day to do so.
My meal plan is as follows:  B: Fiber 1, banana, coffee and milk
  L:  3 bean bake w/broccoli and barley
  S: cottage cheese and applesauce or green beans and carrots dipped
in FF ranch
D: spicy tempeh w/ broccoli
S: a latte
I will probably go to the book store tonight with shyanne, which is always fun for both of us. Also I think a trip to Whole Foods is in order.
Working out will entail a walk/run later if the rain stops and if not then the stationary bike.

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