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Mr Adorable and I are finally getting to move into our forever home. His stuff is in storage and we have been staying in my place (a rental) so I am doing the majority of the packing.  As you may or may not know, I have a lot of books. I usually only keep those that  I truly love, but I probably have 400 unread books in my house at the moment. I’ve begun packing them up. I have culled a few, but only a grocery bag full. Remember, I just moved last year, so I’ve gotten rid of a bunch already. This took place last night. I was on the floor surrounded by boxes next to one of the bookshelves. Mr Adorable was laying on the couch.


Mr. A:     Have you read all of those?

Me:         Not at all. These are mostly unread. I don’t keep too many books unless I love them. Like this one. (I’ve got a pile on my lap and I hold up The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan–AMAZING BOOK). This book honey, was just amazing. So good. And babe, werewolf sex!! Hot werewolf sex! 

Mr. A:     Ohhhkayyyy, awesome. But will you really read all of these? I’m just asking honey. (upon seeing the look of terror on my face that he will say I have too many) 

Me:       I totally am getting rid of some. 

Mr. A:   How do you decide what to keep?

Me:      Well, if I read the back cover and I’m meh about it. And I’ve had it for over 4 years, and if it seems dated or like I’m never going to want to read it, then out it goes. (thus only one bag currently being culled)

Mr. A:  Oh, ok. Well, that makes sense. So, maybe you should not buy anymore until you read a bunch. (upon seeing the murderous rage on my face and knowing that he perhaps made what I might interpret as a blasphemous statement says) Or not. Just maybe slow it down a bit then? Right, I mean, the books will always be there. Aren’t they?

Me:     That’s the point (As I spread my hands to showcase all the books ala a Price Is Right girl) The books will always be HERE!

Mr. A:  you realize you are getting rid of one of the storage units that we used to keep them in. Where will you put them?

Me:    where indeed. I get rid of most as I read, so once we are in and settled, I will be able to read more, thus getting rid of some. See? Problem solved

Mr. A: (dumbfounded look on his face) I’m going to bed, this conversation made me tired. 


At that point we both kind of just started giggling like a couple of kids. That’s what is so great about him. He is very laid back and doesn’t take himself, or things seriously.  Most of the time that works since I’m usually super uptight.


But he’s right! Where will I put all of the books?? I am hoping to talk him into building a book case in the house. One can hope.


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