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I finally bit the bullet and bought an app for my MacBook Pro to try and get myself blogging more often. My problem isn’t ideas or concepts to blog about, my problem has always been logistics and functionality. Pictures, videos, and links have always been so time consuming for me that I just would avoid blogging altogether. Even when I had some fantastic ideas, I would avoid the computer because just thinking about how frustrating I would become when I couldn’t get the photos/post to look the way I wanted would deter me from even writing altogether.

Testing the picture

Writing is something I have always loved to do. I was one of those kids who loved the essay question on test because it allowed me an opportunity to expouse on and on about whatever. I know I’m usually all over the place on the blog, so a name change might be coming, but in the meantime I’m going to test this app out. It was only $30 so if it’s a success, then it’s money well spent and if it isn’t a success, then I’m out only a small amount of money.

Coming soon: What I’ve been reading lately, another attempt at Weight Watchers and why I think this will be the time that I get back to Lifetime with them. Also, fun with fitness. Or rather, how I’m not having fun and I’m not getting much fitness done. The pedometer tells the truth even when I don’t.


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