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I’m embarking yet again on another round of Weight Watchers.  This time we will be having the meetings at work. I’ve always been successful when we have meetings at work, so I’m hopeful that this will be the case this time too.  It’ll be a 12 week session which works out well because Ian’s next visit is in 10 weeks.  Am I doing this for him you may wonder? No, absolutely not. That wonderful man loves me regardless and finds me incredibly sexy just as I am. I’m doing this for me.  As I’ve always done it for me. I’ve been at the right weight before, but I hadn’t been at the right mindset.  This time, I’m finally at the right mindset and know that now it should, will, could, must all fall into line. So, more about that meeting later.


Books I”m currently reading are Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. This is a great book about life in small town Maine.  The character development is precise and I am really enjoying it.  The other book I’m reading is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I am totally loving Harry Potter’s adventures and can see why my kids and millions of others love ‘ol Harry and his gang.  I’m waiting on The Prisoner of Azkabahan movie to come in so I can watch that this weekend as well. That will bring me up to date with the movies and books read of Harry.  I’m on a mission to finish them by the time the last movie (part A) is released in November. I don’t think I’ll make that, but I’ll be close. And if not, oh well. As long as I’m done by the final installment next year.


Time to go make the donuts. (not literally)


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