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Are we that selfish a country?  “Drill Baby Drill.” That was the chant last month when Pres. Obama reversed his stance on off-shore drilling.  I suppose everyone at that point was sick of paying high prices for gas and the economy etc. So of course, the generation who doesn’t know how to sacrifice accepted the easy way out.  And yea let’s drill.

Looks like everyone forgot about the big oil spill in Alaska so long ago. I haven’t.

Oh, wait, we don’t have to try to remember that one because there is a new one now in the Gulf of Mexico. Threatening the coast of Louisiana and the mouth of the Mississippi.  As if those people haven’t suffered enough because of political power plays. So now, will people FINALLY realize that we need to all make some sacrifices in order for us, as a whole, as society, to move forward

Let’s find some other way. It’s out there. If we are willing to make the sacrifice to find it.  I’m ready, are you?


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Like Elain in Seinfeld, there is always cake in my office.  Can I get a woot woot!!!  I just turned away from Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting.  It’s from this amazing place on the East side of town, but I didn’t have a lick. Instead I had my fat-free vanilla yogurt and strawberries and a coffee.  I am (as you’ve heard from me adnauseum) going away for the weekend and I know I will be drinking and eating some not so great choices. Well, as we know, most of us can’t have our cake and eat it too, so I decided to forgo this afternoon’s birthday celebration in lieu of my upcoming weekend.  I have to say that I’m proud of myself.

I received my grades for the two classes that I took. I received a “B” for the online Business Ethics class that I took and an “A” for the Business Law class that I took.  That BE class will be the last class that I take online.  I obviously don’t excel at online classes the way I do in the traditional setting. So, I just won’t do it. Yes, it may take me a semester longer to finish, but I don’t care.  I just don’t like the online class environment.

I haven’t wanted to go grocery shopping since I’m trying to eat what’s in my fridge before my trip, so today’s lunch is going to be a salad and a veggie burger.  Dinner is going to be a chicken fried rice that I concoct with veggies.  And of course, a salad.

I’m still reading Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons.  It’s good and I’m sure if I don’t finish it before I leave, I’ll finish it on the plane.

Time to get ready for work. Enjoy the hump day.

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Yesterday was so packed with stuff to do that I didn’t manage to get on her here to announce that I lost 3 pounds at weigh-in!! Whoo Hoo Me!!  I was so happy, since that drops me into another decade. Now, the real test, for me is if I lose again this week. I’ll be cutting myself off by two day since I’m leaving for DC on Friday which means I’ll have to weigh in on Thursday evening. But hopefully, I’ll still be down at least a pound. And I’m saving all of my points for the weekend. I can’t wait to get there. I love DC and would move there in a heartbeat without even thinking about it.

I took the dog to the groomers and boy did she need it. She looks so cute with her hair cut. and the kids and I both went to the hair salon. Pictures? No, why would I do that. <read with sarcasm>

We went to the library and then to the grocery store. And Wally World because I needed to pick up some things, for, wait for it…my trip to DC.  I think you can see that I will be mentioning this in every post from here until then.

Then we came home, made pizza (no, I didn’t eat any) and popcorn and had movie night!  The movie on tap was The Breakfast Club. One of my most favorite movies evah!!  Jon kept saying to me how I was reminiscing about my youth.  Well, sort of. I mean, the crowd that I hung out with were the Activities Kids and we were slightly geeks, but I don’t think it was as cliquey as that movie showed.  Either way, I. Love. That. Movie.

This morning, I’m sitting here enjoying my Wicked Doodle Brew which has caramal and hazelnut overtones.  Sunday morning is my morning to enjoy multiple cups of coffee in the early quiet of the morning. Except that Shy has woken up early and is sitting next to me jawing my ear off about the Disney trip that we are taking in a couple of weeks to celebrate Jon and Shy’s birthdays.    She just hugged me because she asked me if they had the Bippity Boppity Boutique when I was a little girl and I said that they didn’t and I didn’t get to go there as a little girl.  She is so full of compassion that little one.

I need to figure out what to pack, and I need to finish laundry and do some chores around the house. I’m hoping to have this finished by this afternoon so I can spend some time just relaxing and rediscovering my NASCAR fanage.   Oh, yea and I’m going to exercise today. Yes, I said and you read it. This week on WW is about getting in consistent activity. So, that’s what I will be doing.

I’m also hoping to FINALLY finish Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich.  School is on break and now I’ll have more time for some leisure reading.  I want to finish this one so I can take the fourteen one with me on the plane.  I have to be honest though, they aren’t as entertaining to me as the earlier ones were.  Maybe the novelty has worn off? Or maybe I just think Stephanie does some ridiculous and unbelievable things. I mean she alway did, but now they just aren’t as funny as I used to think that they were.  I’ll finish those and Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons which I am enjoying more than the Da Vinci Code but not as much as The Lost Symbol.  But maybe, I liked The Lost Symbol as much as I did because, you guessed it, the setting was in Wash DC.  That and my dad is a Mason. Anyway, those will be the books I read on the way up and I’ll bring two others for the way back. Not sure yet which ones. I’ll be sure to advise.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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I just read an article on Yahoo about the latest Powerball winner and they showed a picture of him.  I realize that I saw him being interviewed on tv.  I didn’t hear what they were saying but thought to myself, “oh God, another poor little kid is missing and the white trash redneck parents are on the tv.  Before you know it they will be arresting this guy.”  Oops. My bad.

And isn’t it interesting how the Supreme Court has no problem saying that the production and sale of animal cruelty videos for profit is a guaranteed protection of our First Amendment Rights but that pornography isn’t.  Not that I advocate either, I’m just saying that if you have a fetish, and you aren’t hurting anyone else, who am I to stop you.

If anything, the animals should be more protected than the porn because in most cases the stars in the porn are enjoying themselves and made that conscious choice, whereas I don’t imagine that the dogs fighting in Michael Vick’s backyard were paid anything for their appearance. (Not to drudge up the Vick shit again, I just couldn’t think of any other witty analogy).

Can anyone really write a memoir at the ripe old age of 25? I don’t mean a celebrity either, but a run of the mill person. Nope, that’s what I’m saying.

I finally watched the end of Glee!! Oh my. I really loved this episode. I guess if you aren’t a Madonna fan, then you wouldn’t like it. Considering I AM a big fan of the Original Material Girl and can remember when all of those songs came out first run, I loved it.

I weigh-in tomorrow. I know I said that before, but I really, really want to lose weight and I’ve written everything down so I’m feeling positive about it.

More randomness later.

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I took my last final last night and now I have a two-week break before classes start up again for the summer.  I can finally completely and totally focus on my upcoming Washington DC trip in a week. Of course, I started to plan to bring some things to wear and then I checked the weather. While I’m sure it’ll be short weather for those northerners, for me, meh, not so much. The high is 70. I wear long pants here and MAYBE a short sleeve shirt. But the lows are going to be in the 50s so I’ll definitely need a jacket/sweater and it’s supposed to rain two of the days that I’m there. Which means I’ll need an umbrella and a rain coat since we walk everywhere.

I don’t care, like my friend said the other day, Carrie walked everywhere in her Manolo’s and if she could do it then so could I.

It’s finally Friday!  So glad. I’ll get through today and I have a bunch of stuff to do this weekend in preparation for my trip next week.  Laundry, cleaning etc.  I have weigh-in tomorrow morning at Weight Watchers.  I’ve stuck to it and have journaled everything I’ve eaten. I’ve stayed within my points, except for once and that one time I had the WPAs to account for the extra food.  All this WW lingo and I’m assuming everyone knows what they mean.

I’ll be watching Glee tonight since Idol ran long and my DVR cut off the end. Damn Idol. I’m not even watching this year.

It seems it’s always time for me to go get ready to go somewhere, so here I go.

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Don’t get me down today.  At least not today.  It’s supposed to rain all day like it did yesterday.  I was fine with it yesterday, sinc I didn’t go anywhere. I would be happy if it stopped long enough for me to drop the kids off to school then it can start up again. I have to go to work so it doesn’t really matter to me.  Our big annual meeting is this week so it’s bound to be a slow day at the office.  I have several things to do as related to our PAC so I won’t be twiddling my thumbs.

I stayed OP again yesterday. I’m not going to lie, it was difficult.  First in the mid-afternoon and then again at night.  I managed to make it through and didn’t succumb to a second WW ice cream pop.  I had a filling breakfast

Coffee and Almond Milk, not my favorite way

That was a one point English Muffin with some slices of Canadian bacon and a slice of reduced-fat Swiss.  Twas yummy.

Lunch was so boring that I didn’t bother taking a picture. A salad and 1 cup of lentil soup.  I also snacked on some popcorn.  I started to get a headache but an Alleve and eating the popcorn took care of that for me.

Dinner was really good too. To quote my son’s girlfriend, “that’s diet food? Wow, that smell so good”.  And it was. Leftover chicken mixed with mushrooms and onions

Before the tomato sauce and rice was added

This eventually had some marinara sauce and rice added in to make a chicken cacciatore type dinner.  I don’t like peppers so I omitted them.  Also I suppose in Italian cuisine you would have eaten this over spaghetti but in the hispanic cuisine (which would call this Chicken Fricasee) you have this over rice.  I added the rice in so it soaked up a lot of the sauce. This made two servings so it’ll be lunch for today as well

I of course had to have one of these bad boys. Just one, which was 2 points

Like I said I struggled at night, when is when I normally eat, again out of habit, not hunger. So I didn’t eat. I somehow managed to stave off the craving to eat another WW Ice cream. I knew I didn’t need it. Actually, I probably didn’t need that first one, but I counted it and enjoyed it.

It’s a new day and hopefully it’ll be easier today. Or not considering the fact that I’ll be at work.

I’m still reading the same books. With school I don’t seem to get to read as much as I normally do. I’m reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown (my to go book) and Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich. I’ll be honest, I’m enjoying the Plum novels less and less the higher the numbers go.  Maybe that will change with this one. I figure I’ll keep going, because I do enjoy them, just not as much as I did the earlier novels. That and I already own this one, the 14th book and two other in between the numbers novels that Evanovich wrote.  But I won’t be buying any more. And I won’t be rushing to read the ones I don’t own.  Just like the Sue Grafton novels. I liked them fine, but I won’t go out of my way to obtain any of the others. I have too many other good books that I want to read.

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Well, I made it through my first day on Weight Watchers and I stayed OP. OP means On Plan. Which I did. I ate the number of points I was supposed to eat.  Let me begin from the beginning.

I arrived at the WW location and signed back up and got all of the materials and weighed in.  Wow.  Is that scale right? Jesus, I’m where I was when I just gave birth to Shyanne.  SIX YEARS AGO!!!!

Ok, that’s the number. The important thing is that I’m there and I’m ready and able to do the work.  Because that’s really what it is.  I can go to a meeting and listen to the Leader speak and talk about it and read the materials until I pass out. But if I don’t stick to it, then I have no one to blame for myself.  Can I use my medical issues (which aren’t huge) as a crutch? Sure, but I know, and you know, that it’s the way I eat that got me into this mess.

So, I immediately started.  I planned out the day and counted points for everything and I won’t lie, there were a couple of times throughout the day that I wanted to just say, fuck it, I’ll eat this  But I didn’t want to write it down. And I didn’t want to have to look up the points, so I didn’t bother. (Legal question: Do I need to write points in that WW trademarked kind of way?  Well, just consider this the disclaimer, it’s a Legal TM of WW and I’m just writing about my experience with it).

As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this, I’m drinking coffee and falling asleep.  What did I eat? Nothing exciting. Lots of veggies.  I roasted a chicken for dinner and sauteed some mushrooms and tossed them into some rice.  I did buy a bunch of fruit and spent like $170 at the grocery store. I can’t remember the last time I spent that much at Publix.

I’m off to fall asleep watch a movie.  More exciting stuff tomorrow.

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