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I’ve been losing a little bit, very slowly, which has me rethinking what it is I want. I want to feel good. Of course, I want to be thinner but I want to know that I’m eating right and I’m living a healthy life. Which means getting some kind of activity. I’m not going to be a gym rat anytime soon. I know I used to be one, but that’s not where I’m at right now. I DO want to work out, but I have plenty of options available to me that doesn’t require a gym membership.

The best I’ve felt was when I focused on whole foods and ate hardly any meat. So I’ve been looking at reducing my animal product intake.  To that end, I’ve been obsessively reading Peas and Thank You and love the attitude and way that she feeds her family and the way they live.  I’m definitely adding that to my list of favorite blogs.

I’ve also been reading a ton of books on vegan/veggie cooking. Look for the Recipe part of this blog to start happening. This weeks focus. No more red meat.  That’s for me and for the family.  I’m finding that there are so many other options out there.

The running part may take a little bit longer to get going.


It’s Thursday, Happy Rosh Hashanah!!


Another gymnastics competition this weekend. Hopefully she does better than last weekend.





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Rules of Civility

Amor Towles

Published by Viking

Everything old is new again. Or at least that is how it feels these days with Mad Men being such a huge hit and other 50-60s themed television programs coming out this fall.  This book actually makes me long for that seemingly fun and simple time.  The time before the fascism of Europe and World War II but after the horrible times in our country that was The Great Depression. This book mostly takes place throughout the course of one year. As the book opens you can’t wait to find out what happened to Tinker Grey. By the mid-point of the book you realize it’s really Katey Kontent that you care about and want to her journey, her story.

The names of the characters in this book are solid typical and fantastic NYC names, Tinker Grey, Katey Kontent and Eve Ross.  And I suppose because of the time period, the beautiful descriptions of the clothing, the drinks, the atmosphere and all of these things combined, you can’t help but compare this to The Great Gatsby. Because of this, I started reading Gatsby at the same time. I soon after had to stop as I kept combining the two books in my mind and wanted to put Tinker with Daisy and Nick with Katey. Wait, wait. That’s not right. (and yes, blasphemy that I haven’t read Gatsby yet)

This book is written with such care and the characters have a depth within them that they aren’t flat. Writing in this time frame, that could easily have happened. But it doesn’t.  Even minor characters are shown to have their flaws and their good qualities. Interesting and multi-dimensional make these people real. Makes me want to go and have drinks with them. Or hang out on a Long Island Beach for a long weekend.

The other thing I really enjoyed with this book is how effortlessly various works of literature were interwoven throughout the story. Classic books such as Great Expectations and On Walden Pond became a part of the story. While George Washington’s Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation played such a crucial part in this story that it almost becomes lifelike and an actual character within the book.  I’m such a big history buff that I can’t wait to look up and see the story behind this little book.

The layers and depth to this story will easily stand the test of time. A basic story of being young when you don’t even realize that you are. Until it’s too late. In the meantime, give me a dirty martini with olives. This book deserves it.

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So last night, I went to Whole Foods. I can see why they call this store Whole Paycheck. Don’t get me wrong, I love Whole Foods and the quality products that they carry. I just have a problem spending that much money on groceries. Especially when I don’t have a lot to begin with. I spent $75 on this

In that pile there is some individual servings of Justin Peanut Butter. I’m trying them because Tina at Carrots N Cake is having a sale on OpenSky and I wanted to see if I would like them before I committed to buying three jars worth. Also, I bought some sunflower butter to see if I like that too. So many food bloggers rave about that so I decided I wanted to try it. There’s some granola in that mix as well as some Bob Mill’s Steel Cut Oats that was on sale.  The fruit was also on sale or the same price as what I would find at my local Publix so I decided I wanted to go the organic route since it was price comparable.

Today, is a typical Saturday. We have gymnastics, we have the library and we have a trip to Publix. I also need to go to Doris’ Italian Market to stock up on chicken breasts.  They have a great price and their chickens come from a farm that doesn’t use antibiotics. Always a plus for me since I do eat meat now.

Tonight we have another episode of Dr. Who on tap.  You don’t watch? Oh, you must. Right away.

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It seems that my efforts to post consistently have been subpar at best.  Especially since it’s been about a week since I’ve posted. So I’m going to try and commit to posting at least twice a week rather than everyday.


Last Sunday I spent the day with some absolutely amazing people. Some of my favorite people at the beach.

The View we had for the day


We were at the corner of Dania Beach and Hollywood Beach. A quiet family section. First we hung out by the pool which I didn’t really take any pictures of. Then we hit the beach itself.

Sand castles were built


then they fell


Me and K

She wanted LUNCH! That beach makes you hungry


The week that followed was relatively quiet and calm. School and work. I did a lot of General Hospital viewing and that’s about it. No movies, no books. I’m in book funk. Nothing really appeals to me at the moment. Which kind of stinks since I have 4 books to read for review. Hopefully I’ll get to them this weekend.




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