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Best. Show. Ever. Hands down.

The Newsroom comes in a close second. Aaron Sorkin for President!


Since the advent of TV on DVD (and even more so since the creation of Netflix’s instant streaming service), I’ve been a shameless proselytizer for the many excellent TV programs of the last, say, decade and a half that I’ve caught up on once their original audiences moved on or well after the original audience arrived, anyway. The Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones fit the bill. I was up on The Walking Dead from the beginning, although I admit to have fallen behind of late. (Curse you, midseason break! You throw me off every year.) TV has become THE place for long-form storytelling. It offers character development and narrative arc complexity that no two-hour film can match (not to say movies aren’t incredible in their own ways, but they’re obviously limited).

A great many smart people claim that TV’s take over as the preeminent…

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