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I read several blogs on a regular basis. The topics of these blogs range from fitness, to health to books. Some of them even touch on all three. Much like my own. Well, except I suppose I haven’t had much to say lately about the cooking and fitness part. But dude, I’m reading!! Sorry, I digress. The blogs I read are usually entertaining, educational and just downright enjoyable. For the most part. Are there times where I don’t necessarily agree with something? Sure, of course there is. However, I don’t feel it necessary to make a comment about it. I mean, these people share and put so much time into their web sites and blogs that I don’t really feel it’s my right to. Apparently, I’m in the minority with that thinking because I have noticed that there are quite a few commentators who feel it necessary to chide and admonish the bloggers if the posts don’t meet the commentators reading criteria.


Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, I just read a blog that I love and the writer was a bit down about a workout she did. Someone felt it was necessary to chide her about it and basically scold her for her negativity. It’s her blog! She can do whatever she wants right? This kind of thing happens on Facebook too. It seems its a growing trend that people feel they get to control your content. And I for one can’t understand it. If something that you go to to read upsets you, it seems that the answer is simple. Don’t go and read it anymore. Why the need to scold the people creating their own content? Fortunately, it’s a free country here and we don’t have to go anywhere and read anything we don’t want to. I just don’t understand that kind of thinking. But I’m a tree hugging live and let live kind of gal.


In the fitness portion of my blog, I may or may not be trying a cross fit workout that I saw over at carrotsncake which is probably my most favorite blog. If you like Cross Fit, Pugs and Boston that is a blog you need to be reading.


That’s my Thursday rant. Feel free to disagree with me.


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