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Shyanne had an amazing meet.  She won 4th in floor and beam, 3rd in bars (can you believe that, they gave her so much trouble last year. And she won 1st in floor. She placed 2nd in all-around.

Salute the future Olympian!!


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I didn’t get much sleep Friday night, so most of the day on Saturday I was fighting sleep. This translated into a 930p bedtime. On accident of course, as I was watching tv. But I had already put Shy to bed so it was easy to take the dog for a quick walk and get into bed to watch tv.  That literally lasted all of 15 minutes. I woke up at midnight, but just rolled over and continued sleeping. So at 530am I was up, eyes wide open.

There are some odd, odd things on the television at 530am on a Sunday morning.  Batman from the 1960’s was on.  Then there was the various info-mercials as well as the church shows.  Also, my favorite, a commercial for a dating website called Cougar Life.  It had women (all in their 30-40s) and younger guys looking on their laptops at them. Hah!!!!!  That’s hilarious.  They also had some cheesy song with the tagline, “you know you want the Cougar Life”.   I always thought that Cougar’s had to be at least 45+. I guess Courtney Cox’s show changed that perception didn’t it.

Ok, time for more coffee. It’s going to be a long day, I can tell.  I’ll have a full gymnastics competition wrap-up later.

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For me the weekend always starts Thursday night.  I don’t why I feel this way when I have to work on Friday. Friday’s at the office are almost like volunteering. You show up, but it isn’t as if it’s a regular work day. That’s not to say that some Friday’s aren’t crazy busy. They are. But it’s as if that doesn’t  matter because Saturday and Sunday are on the way.

For me, I’ve got a very busy weekend coming up. I’ve got several girly appointments and plan on making the apartment spotless.  Well, as spotless as I can be. I’m OCD about a lot of things, but I’m not exactly clutter-free. It’s clean, mostly. But there are a bunch of books everywhere.

The big plans this weekend is that Shyanne has her first gymnastics competition coming up on Saturday. I’ll try to film and post a video but I haven’t had much luck doing that. I’ll definitely get pictures taken and posted for sure.

I’m still reading HP #3. I’m about half way through. It’s good, but I’ve never been good at figuring these books out. I thoroughly enjoy them, but I never figure anything out. I need it spelled out for me.

Tonight is a big TV night. Watching Grey’s in a half-hour and then Private Practice. Do you remember how Private Practice and Grey’s ended??  I do. Especially Private Practice. I remember because I literally cried as if someone really died.  So, I’m looking forward to tonight. And Grey’s last season ended completely off the hook. (see how cool I am. Wait!!  Do they still say off the hook? I’m trying to stay young, don’t ya know)

I can’t believe it’s Season 5 of 30 Rock already.  Crazy.

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Yea!!!  It’s Friday!!  Which usually elicits such outbursts from me as TGIF Mah Bitchezzzz!!!  My famous Facebook tagline.  Yes, I literally have people post on my FB wall why I haven’t posted that when I’ve not done it.  No worries, while I spend very little time on Facebook lately, I still go there every Friday and post that. It’s tradition. And this, the Friday of Yom Kippur, I pay homage to tradition.

Last night, I had drinks with T, my bestie from DC.  As you know from previous posts, I love this gal. I don’t get to see her all too often since we live a couple of hours away (via plane) from each other.  So I had a couple of Bass Ales, my most favorite beer.  We also devoured a serving of Chicken Nachos. I brought the leftovers home for Jon.  We chatted non-stop as we usually do when we get together.  And of course, as usual, it seemed as if the night ended way too early.

We discussed, of course, again as usual, our love lives. Usually, this entails a lot of nothing or tales of the different variety of douche-bags that we have in DC and South Fla, respectively.  This time, however, was quite different. It seems as if love is definitely in the air, in real life, and amongst a lot of my online friends as well.  Which for me, is amazing, because I love this feeling. I want everyone to have what my fella and I have.

We all want love. In one way or the other, I think it’s human nature to want to be with someone, love someone and have that love reciprocated.  It seems that everyone who has found it has/had decided to let go trying to find it.  Find happiness within yourself and love yourself and then it seems as if THAT is what opens you up to the love of another.

I am so happy it’s Friday!!

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And OMG I have so much to do. What seemed like an eternity is finally, slowly, getting here.  I’ve got a lot to do the next two weeks. Right now, I’m going to eat dinner. And watch a little GH. And pick the girl up from gymnastics. I’m exhausted, or as my better half says, completely shattered!

I’m still reading the third Harry Potter. And I’m also finishing up Charlotte’s Web. Shy wanted me to read it, so how could I refuse. It’s such a sweet story.  HP I only read at home because it’s a hard back and I usually don’t carry the hardbacks with me. I always have more than one book going and I usually carry the smaller paperback around with me.

Off to spend some time with Sonny, Jason and the gang at GH.  Have a great night!

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I had this great post written. I wrote it and it just poured out of me. It was inspired by Christies Post about moving past being broken. It was heartfelt and pretty damn raw. I was very proud of that post.

And when I went to transfer it over fucking Google Documents had an error and it disappeared and now I can’t find it anywhere. I’m so upset that I can’t even write a decent post about it.

It was about feeling broken and thinking back to a time when we didn’t.  I can remember always feeling like there was something wrong with me.  And I can’t even try to recreate it. I’m seriously pissed off about it.

Because I poured my heart and soul out, and I kind of came to this epiphany about what’s given me strength to not act broken, even if I feel it.  My children of course. And how by not allowing myself to feel like there is something wrong with me I’ve been able to love and in turn find the truest love I’ve ever known. Except it was well written and flowing and really touched at the heart of the matter.

And now those paragraphs are gone. Lost in the cloud. Thanks a lot Google. I wanted you to read it. I wanted to be able to give you some insight into my crazy mind and so that you could understand how I’ve become the person that I am. Maybe another day.

For now, for this day, there is just me.

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I love Sunday mornings. Getting up early to have a cup of coffee while the kiddos are still sleeping. Ah, peace and tranquility. Love it.

Update on my South Beach Diet experiment. I lost 1.4 pounds. Which is a good loss. But I can do that while doing Weight Watchers or counting calories and not killing myself.  So my SBD experiment is over. Apparently, the SBD isn’t for everyone.  I thought it would be a good way to lose a significant amount of weight by 9/29. But it isn’t for me and I’m not going to torture myself anymore. Because it really was. I felt nauseous and sick to my stomach.

In other unrelated news, I’m finishing up Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen. It was a good book, typical Hiaasen and since I’m a native Floridian I can appreciate the details that Carl brings up. However, this book went on about 100 pages too long. He could have ended it at a certain spot rather than continuing onto the game hunt reserve.  But I like it ok.  I’m about 1/3 of the way through the 3rd installment of Harry Potter; the Prisoner of Azkabahan.  It’s really good. But then I expected that.

Speaking of reading, I just saw this great cartoon here It’s a blog I read regularly. I love it.

Today is going to be a quiet and fairly low-key day. I’ve got tons o’laundry to do (typical). I also need to run to the grocery store and pick up around the house.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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