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Timex Ironman

They have it in pink and you can control your iPod with it.

If I don’t start loving my daily exercise now, what will do it?
oh, yes, that’s right the feeling that I will get from feeling strong and being strong, and looking hot.
yea, I am that vain

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Seriously, folks. That has got to be some of the funniest shit (pun intended) that I have read in awhile. And I totally needed that laugh.

In other weight loss related news, I am down 2 lbs. Which would be great if it wasn’t the same two pounds I gained last week. So for the month of July, I maintained.

Great, that was NOT the goal.

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Can you call it running if I walk more than I run.  Honestly, when did I become so completely out of shape. Oh, yea, this past year.

Well, I will beat my body into submission.
And walk some more.

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I cannot believe I haven’t been turned on to the joys of downloading free podcasts before today.  I will use these little nuggets of information and audio overload to sit on the bike more, and or walk/run more.  

this just may have been the  boredom buster that I have been looking for. You know I’m the queen of multitasking.

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my dinner date

Food wise was FABULOUS!!  We went to a seafood place on the water, and other than the wine, and 1 piece of bread, my dinner was totally core.

And it was so good.  Dry grilled Mahi, sweet corn on the cob and thick sliced jumbo organic tomatoes w/basil.  It really was yummy and I was satisfied half way through.
Hopefully, not to much damage done.  Weight in on Tuesday and I have 8 WPAs left. I need to be hard core until then.
that is all

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Where can I find this???  Is it within myself? Or maybe exercise is like men, and I am constantly choosing the wrong one.

Either way, I need to develop some enthusiasm for exercise. 

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Running Diary

At Border’s yesterday. I bought the Complete Runner’s Log.

A training and Fitness guide. I bought it because I want to start running again. Jodie says all the time, your body will do whatever your brain tells it to. She also said that she didn’t develop a runner’s body overnight. She had to force it into submission.
So I plan on beginning my submission tomorrow morning. I will absolutely succeed if for no other reason that Pat said he doubted me.
A challenge as it were.  And I absolutely won’t take that lying down. Other things with Pay lying down, oh yea, but that kind of challenge. Not a chance.

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