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I may not be eating OP

But I am definitely exercise and activity OP. Why are we like that? Why can’t we have it all together, instead, we just have most of it together and one thing that is fucked up.  Must be human nature and all that jazz.

I have a cold and therefore, deep thoughts allude me.
I did run 3 miles today. ran them.
all of them.
that is all

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Eating like crap

is what I have pretty much done the last two weeks. I have been lucky and haven’t gained past the initial gainage.  But if I keep this up, then I know I won’t be that lucky.

I decided somewhere along the road, that I don’t want to just be ruled by the number on the scale. But I want to have tautness in my midriff section. and less jiggle in my legs.
So that is my ultimate goal. Why, well, to look better naked of course.

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Because I just noticed that someone on the WW board quoted me and I have no idea who she is. And she is a right to lifer. Which is her choice. 

But somehow as liberal as I am I find that ironic. But of course, my life lately is all about irony.  
What does this have to do with the way I eat. Nothing except that I noticed this while on the weight watchers core board.
Hmmm, I guess I should consider it a compliment, and just keep being myself. By the way, the only problem I have with right to lifers is that they want to impose their choice on me. I respect the fact that their choice is right to life. I just want the same in return.

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Maintained the Gain

Which I am going to look at in a positive light and say, well at least I didn’t go up anymore.

it’s ok, I will take that as a positive thing and continue on my journey. I mean, it’s not like it was a 10 pound gain. It was like 2. I can lose that and then some by the end of the month.  Which is what my mini goal is. Get down to a new decade by the end of the month. Because I may have company. 
In semi-related news, it makes it difficult to get up at 5am if one is up until after midnight on the phone with Canadians. Just Sayin’
and Note to Self.   Get thee to bed at a decent hour, I am NOT on Pacific time, no matter how much I want to be. 
Other news, my 5K is in 2 days. I hope I don’t make too poor a showing.

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