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It started out as a three day weekend, which was great. Shyanne placed first in all-around at her gymnastics competition and first on floor. Second in all the other categories. It was a great buildup to next weekends big competition, Gasparilla, in Tampa. I’ll be leaving and hopefully posting pictures along the way.

Last weekend, I also got a new camera (after her competition of course) and I’m trying to figure it out. It’s a Canon PowerShot SX20IS and I really love it. What I know how to use anyway. After I bought the camera, we headed out to the Garlic Festival in Delray Beach. Interesting place, lots of fun. Went with my Gordo, most of you know who he is, and my Shy. Here she is climbing up the rock wall

starting out with confidence

halfway there

how did I get up here and how can you get me down!!

made it

done with that

Then, this week was her big reading at Border’s.  Shyanne wrote a novel and got to do an author reading at the local Border’s Books.  We were all so proud. And we all came out, as latinos, we travel in packs!

Her teacher is so proud

reading "The Silly Dog"

toothless smile!

A Nicholas Spark's novel in the making

And then Friday was my birthday.  I’m 29 again, for the 12th time. LOL!  Went to dinner with some friends and our children. It was quite a moment when at 930p instead of deciding to head out for some fun times, I decided to go home and go to sleep. Ugh.  I just can’t roll like I used to.  It seems that I literally get to a point at night where I can no longer stay awake and I fall asleep no matter where I am.

This morning, I weighed myself and I’m still the same. Not a surprise since I haven’t done anything to change that. Other than pretend to journal what I eat. I usually stop journaling at lunch time. So here I am again, starting again. And I’m ok with that because what else would I do? It’s a lifestyle change, and I’ve definitely gotten the “mindful” part under my belt. I’m always mindful of what I’m eating, even if it is a poor choice.  To me, that a NSV. (non-scale victory).

Here is my breakfast.  I had some leftover baked potatoes that my grandmother sent home so I cubed them, added some steak seasoning and tossed in an egg, some shredded low-fat cheese and some Boar’s Head Ever Roast Chicken. Yes, I’m eating meat when the moment strikes me. Usually when it’s been provided to me at no direct cost to my wallet. In other words, my grandmother sent home a pound of this for us and i is going to go bad in a day or two, so I decided to eat some.

It definitely hit the spot and I had it with a gigantic cup o’java.  Love my coffee on a Sunday morning.

It’s going to be a boring day of laundry and studying for my Business Law class next week.  I may sneak in a movie and definitely get some non-school reading in.


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How I do love to use alliteration in my writing.

Not that I’m fat by society standards. But I am overweight. Up 25 pounds in a year. I’d like to say it took the entire year, but the truth is I’ve been at this weight for about 4 months now, which means I gained it in like 8 months. Hah. Like a pregnancy, except I get to sleep at night. Well, there’s that I suppose.  I want to say that this is the moment I have my point of no return and start to lose weight and do what I need to do to lose it, but the truth is, I’m not sure if it is.  I’m happy with myself. For the first time in my forty years. Am I happy with this weight? Not at all. But I’m not letting it impact my life. I’m living my life the way I want.  Is it healthy? Not at all, and THAT my friends, is what is going to be my motivation to get rid of this weight and get moving again. Not to be thin, not to be hot, etc. But to be healthy and to last a long time in this body. I’ve got some kids that I’d like to be around for a long time for and I need to make some changes to ensure that I will be around.  Am I experiencing health issues? No,  but I’m sure I will if I keep on this path.

Plus, what a hypocrite I would be when I make the kids eat right and move and I don’t do it.

Onto the Forty part. Well, I went back to school. I’m finishing up my Paralegal. Not exactly law school, but the closest thing i can get to right now.  I’ll get to law school eventually, but I need to do something now to increase my earning potential in the near future and this is the path I’ve chosen. So, having said that I’m taking a Business Law class. Wow. It’s like being with 30 18 year olds. You know, like my oldest child. Talk about tongue biting. It’s a good experience though, as it shows me that my son is just like his peers. I’m imagining that we were like that for our parents, but it’s almost painful to have discussions with them. Because, you know, you are an idiot and they know it all.    And if the guy next to be continues to eat Cheez Its at every class I may have to bring him a napkin.

I’m looking at getting a camera. A good one. So, I may actually have decent pictures to add to the blog. If I remember to take them that is. =)

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