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Yes, so, I have an auto-immune disease.


I’ve decided that there are a couple of ways I can deal with this. I can curl up in a ball, get depressed (which is what most people do apparently) and let it take over my life.

Or, I can accept that this is my new normal and move on.  I’ll have to work into my routine the different issues that I’ll have with this, but I can’t just throw in the towel can I?

I can eat right, I can get a little bit of activity in. I’ll get in what I can until I get tired. I’ll do what’s right for me. Not for anyone else. I was inspired by Tina at Carrots N Cake to just get on with it. I’ve been reading her blog for awhile now and for some reason it kind of hit me that this gal just gets on with it.

So that’s what I’m doing. Just getting on with it.

The meds have been a little hard on me but since the steroids have been reduced the side effects have decreased as well. The problem is that the optic nerves are still both inflamed. Which is disconcerting because this isn’t a good thing. Optic neuritis isn’t something that anyone wants to have for the long-term.  And I’ve been this way since January. I’ll go back to the Dr. in a couple of weeks and hopefully they will have gone down some.

In the meantime, I’m just going to live each day to the fullest that I can. In every aspect.

Here are my flowers that I was given today for Admin. Day.


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I’m still trying to be positive. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m just going to live each day to it’s fullest and work on being healthy. It’s the only thing I can do.

In that regard, I’ve not been eating healthy. It goes without saying that the medication has affected my weight but I don’t need to add to it do I? No, I don’t. So, I’m going to to just focus on each moment, each meal.  As for getting some activity in, that I need to take it slow. Which is also fine with me, because that will ensure that it becomes a habit. Something that I do at all times regardless. Today, for example, I did some yoga. About 15 min worth.

What have I been reading and watching. I just finished The Book Thief and can I just say that I enjoyed that book immensely.  The first book I’ve ever read written from the Grim Reaper’s point of view. Not only that, but most WWII stories are told from the Allied’s point of view. At least the ones that I’ve read and watched. This one was a German family’s story and they were Nazi sympathizers.  They were the exact opposite.  I really, really enjoyed this story. And as I’ve come to learn, the story is the biggest thing.

I said this on Twitter and it bears repeating, My future starts now. Today. This moment. This needs to be remembered.

I’m off to bed now but first, a little Gilmore Girls, Season 2.

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I know, it’s been awhile. But honestly, I’ve got a REALLY good reason. About a week after my last post I started having serious issues, neurologically and with my vision. Turns out, I was losing my vision. I eventually lost most of the sight in my left eye and some in my right.  The good news, is that I gotten a lot of it back. I have been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. That’s the long story short. I was literally in bed for a couple of weeks not being able to do much other than get up and go to the Dr and then come back to bed drained. I’ll spare you all the sordid details.


Like I said, the good news, is that I am on my way back to normal. Well, it’s a new normal, but a normal nonetheless.  I’ve been on some really strong medication that has blimped me up a little (bloating and about 10 pounds or so) PLUS, I really couldn’t do too much except walk to the bathroom and back so my metabolism is probably and an all time low.


However, I am feeling really positive about things, because I’ve gotten some energy back, I’ve gotten a lot of my vision back and I am going back to work next week.


Hopefully, as long as I can see, I will be here. Keeping you up to date on all of my mundane (that hasn’t changed) activity. Although, hopefully, I’ll be moving more. And drive at night. That’s something I’ve yet to try. (lucky you all you Weston folks).


What have I been reading??  Lots of large-print from the library. AND I finally listened to an audiobook. Skin TIght by Carl Hiaason. It was a good listen.  Considering I’ve yet to be able to listen to one in it’s entirety, that’s pretty positive praise.   I’ve got some other audio books that I will listen to, but I’ll have to admit, I’m still not a big fan. Maybe I’ll find one that’ll knock my socks off.


Saturday nights double feature: The Fighter (oh how I love thee Christian Bale) and Frost/Nixon. At least that’s what I’ve planned.


Have a good night!! It’s good to be back.

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