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Saturday was full of fun times. As fun as errands can be I suppose. First of all, I did mention that I exercised right? Yea, well, that was a lot harder than I thought. 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels kicked my ass.


Then Shy had gymnastics, while I went grocery shopping. I planned out my food week so hopefully I’ll be able to lose more weight this week.


Lunch was this












This was a before and after and a bad idea. Clearly, I may not be able to have these in the house. Since I’m doing Weight Watchers, I just counted the points and adjusted.


Then we went to visit my aunt who had surgery and helped put together a microwave and went to the library. This is one of our favorite things to do. Shy goes into the kids section and I peruse the shelves to see if anything catches my eye. There were a couple of things that did, including a cookbook by Jillian Michaels. I guess since I’m doing the 30 day shred I have her on my mind. We’ll see how that goes.


DInner was a hodgepodge of things. A roasted sweet potato, some steamed broccoli and a cup of chili. Good eats indeed.

seasoned the potato with thisAmy and Rory


And Shy and I finished up our evening with a new Dr. Who.  It started back in April and is a split season. Saturday night was the new show and it was awesome! While I love the Dr. let’s just say that I am Team Rory all the way.











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Happy Saturday!!


It’s been a productive day already for me. Well, sort of. I’ve had coffee (you don’t need another picture of that do you?) I’ve caught up on where Hurricane Irene is headed (stay safe all my peeps all along the east coast) and, wait for it…


I worked out.


I’ll wait for you to collect your jaws off of the floor, counter or wherever you are sitting.  I did the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. Day one. I suppose I should mark the occasion with a picture. But I am a little too vain for that. Suffice to say, I have a picture of me and my backside that I can use as my before picture. I’m hoping that my the end of Sept. I’ll have made some difference.


I tweeted earlier that I’m experiencing book malaise.  I currently have 3 books on hand (plus several on my e-reader) to read for review as well as many of my own that I really want to read. I just can’t really work up any enthusiasm for any of them.  I did just listen to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’ve read the books and seen the movies and now I want to listen to them. I had forgotten so many little details. I really enjoyed listening to the audio version and I typically don’t like audio books. This one however, was stellar.


Last week my daughter and I started watching Smallville. It’s ended it’s run, I know, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Shyanne is really enjoying it as am I. Of course, we are only two episodes in and I never realized that Bo Duke was Superman’s father. Haha, well, what I meant was John Schneider. It’s good. Something else to watch.


Today’s breakfast was a simple pineapple coconut Dannon Light and Fit yogurt topped with Publix Cinnamon Oat Crunch cereal. It really hit the spot after working out.

Now, I’m getting ready to do our regular Saturday morning routine. Which includes a trip to three different grocery stores, gymnastics a visit to the library. Not to mention chores around the house.


Busy Saturday on tap.

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So, in thinking about my last post (name the 10th–Ralph Fiennes may be added to it) I was also thinking about opinions on art, literature, music and movies. Some people don’t just hold opinions on these things, they think their opinion is fact. And get rather insulting about it. But that’s a post for another day.

What I really was thinking about (again I blame Fiennes) is does it matter if a movie is rubbish (in your opinion) regardless of whether or not your favorite actor is in it. What I mean to say is that for me, if I like (really like–top 10 like) an actor/actress etc, then I tend to be biased about the movie that they are in. The movie could be hated and panned and what do I do. I’d like it simply for the fact that I would get to spend 2 hours or so with my favorite actor. This happened with a particularly odd movie that I didn’t like at all with Matthew MacFayden. Because I really, really like him, I sat through the entire movie. The thought of turning it off never occurred to me because I like him.

Is that weird? Am I the only one like that?

Which goes to show that like the author Christine Shea mentioned on The Booklady’s Blog I too will most likely like and watch The English Patient. If for no other reason than I get to spend two hours or so with Ralph Fiennes.

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My number 10

Ladies!! Who should fill that #10 spot on my list? You know the list! The list of boys who should the opportunity arise you would be allowed to sleep with. Even if you (well, me) are in a committed relationship. Which at this point in time, I’m not. But you get the drift.


I’ve had a problem thinking on the spot and can’t seem to fill that number ten spot.


So, tell me…who would you pick?

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I still didn’t get up early to exercise. But I’ve at least documented my eating. Mines the ice cream I had at around 3p.  Breakfast didn’t get a photo shot either as it was just a banana. I’ve got to really start getting up earlier so I’m not rushing.


Lunch was eaten at my desk while I read a book. A book that I’ll be reviewing here later this weekend. Its non-fiction and a heavy topic so the reading is slow going. Much slower than normal. (normal for me anyway)

1/2 of a chicken salad sandwich on sour dough bread


fresh mango


And while I had lunch, Hurricane Irene sent us some of her outer bands. Although, in South Florida, in August, this type of weather is typical. The only difference it seems is that when it’s a hurricane related storm (I’ve been through plenty) the humidity seems to drop a bit. Anyway, we really got lucky. Not so much for my friends up the coast. Hope all of you stay safe.


Dinner was made by Nanny (my grandmother) and therefore not as healthy as I would have liked. But it was good. Chili over some white rice (spanish style) and steamed broccoli.

Then, I watched a little General Hospital. Bradford Anderson is really rocking his scenes this week. Who says soap actors can’t act.


Tomorrow is Friday and I just always enjoy Friday. Plus, this weekend is a big one. The Doctor is BACK!!!!!  Yes, ladies and gents, you heard that right. The Doctor is back Saturday night. Hopefully if the boy comes over he’ll understand that I have to watch that. It isn’t his cup of tea, but I’m sure he’ll deal with it. Or he can go home. Either way, I get me some Doctor this weekend!!


Ok, this fangirl is headed to bed. 5am comes awful early. And one of these days I’m going to actually work out at that time. Is tomorrow that day? Tune in next time to find out.


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I lost two pounds last week. Which is great. But when you have as many pounds as I do to lose, it’s just the very beginning. Every morning I’ve been getting up early (partly since school is back in session) but mostly because I want to exercise in the morning to get it out of the way. Because I was to. Because I really believe that in order to achieve health again, I need to also have fitness in my life.


And I want to be hot again. Yes, there I said it. It’s all well and good when we talk about losing weight to get healthy and that we want to be physically fit by exercising and eating right. And that is true. But me, my ultimate motivation is that I want to feel sexy. And I don’t when I’m not eating and exercising. The best I’ve felt about myself I was technically overweight BUT I was running and working out and eating right and I felt amazing. And that translated into confidence. Which translated into hotness and feeling hot.


Lately, for obvious reasons, I haven’t felt all that hot. So, I’m changing that. I’ve been working on it and now I feel it’s time to add in some kind of exercise routine.


Of course, I want to run again. But in order to run, you must walk first. How cliche, but how true. Don’t expect me to sing about how wonderful it is. At least in the beginning, I’m pretty sure I’m going to hate every single, sweaty minute of it. It’s the afterwards that I’m hoping will keep me going. That and I want strut again. And dance.


And with that, I managed to charge my little camera so I can take photos of my food and of random funny things (that will most likely be me doing some form of exercise) and of course of my little gals.


I suppose in order to get up and exercise, I need to go to bed at a decent hour. Damn Rescue Me!!  Because I’m going to tell you that I’m off to bed, but really, I’m going to wind up watching Rescue Me. My entire family (men on my dad’s side) are firefighters and I don’t remember it being like this when we were growing up. Hopefully it wasn’t. Either that, or my parents hid a lot of shit from us kids growing up.


Either way, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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or grandmother I suppose when I start thinking that the youth of today has not learned manners or etiquette. Is it because they have their computer screen to hind behind, or haven’t been taught to filter their thoughts in this instant gratification world.


I say this because I realized last night that there was a certain person on Twitter that I am no longer following and I kind of had an argument before I realized I didn’t need to tolerate her intolerance or her passive aggressive insults. The internets is awesome at allowing people to be passive aggressive. I won’t pretend to be a hypocrite and act like I’ve never done that. I have. However, usually I’m trying to make a point and I don’t stoop to name calling. Or attacking.


Over differing opinions.  Which begs the question, what happened to good old fashioned debate. Has it gone the way of our ancestors in the past and now there is only Tea Party vs Liberal hate? Has our world become a either you are with us or against us kind of world? I mean, didn’t we have a President actually say those words?


And can someone tell me where in the world Separation of Church and State disappeared to? Weren’t we the country of tolerance, give us your huddled masses, etc. etc.


Like I said, I think I might be getting old.

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