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Less than 3 weeks

Before Christmas.

It’s Monday and I’m off today and tomorrow because I mis-calculated my PTO (paid time off) and I have days to use or lose by the end of the year.  So, I’m going to enjoy the day and catch up on some Christmas errands and chores around the house.

This is going to be a quick post and run because I’ve still got to go and get dressed and get the kiddos dressed as they are still in school, until the 17th.  Cold front has come through, and it feels awesome. Windows are all open. Hopefully the damn trashy neighbor downstairs won’t open her window and start smoking like she did last night. The smoke goes up and right into my bedroom window. I. Hate. Smoke.  The longer I’m a non-smoker, the more I hate the smell of it.

Ok, I’m off to get the kids ready for school. Hopefully my next post won’t be so boring.


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