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Sometimes I have a hard time winding down when I have school. Of course, this means I went to bed late last night. Which means I’m exhausted right now.  I’ll eventually snap out of it with the help of several caffeinated beverages.

Last night, after that fantastic night of school (insert sarcasm).  Actually, I like that class because the Professor is so a great guy. He really has a way of delivering the information and connecting with the class.  It’s the classmates (you may have read about them) that make me a little bonkers.

I’m going to the library.  My graphic novel gurus on twitter got me sucked into this graphic novel series, Y: The Last Man Standing.  It’s the first time I’ve read a graphic novel since I was a kid and I was thoroughly drawn into it and can’t wait to see how it ends.  So I’ll be stopping there at lunchtime.  I’ll be sure to let you know how I like it.

I just read that my friend Christie had some amazing news today!! I’m so excited for her. I can’t begin to tell you how envious I am as well. I would love to be able to do what I love. Congratulations Christie, I can’t wait to ride along with you on the next part of your journey.

My journey?  Who knows where that is headed. Sometimes, I wonder and then I remember, I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to live one day at a time, right? Remember Carpe Diem.  And that means today is going to be another busy crazy kind of day. I’ve got several catch-up things to do at work. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday not necessarily on work related duties and I had to leave early as well.  I’ll definitely go for a run later. I missed it yesterday.

I also need to make my airline reservations to Boston. Oh, did I mention I was going to Boston? Yea, I am. To see some pretty great people.

I’ve got to seize the moment and go get my ass in gear and get ready for work. Or I will be like my friend Christie, but not of my volition.


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Oh yea, that’s right, because I am not willing to sacrifice the time that such an endeavor would require to take from my kids.  But I’m suffering in this class. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, I’m in an Intro Class to Legal Assisting and the professor is a fantastic guy.  He is an attorney, really intelligent, and not bad on the eyes. It’s the classmates that I have a problem with.  There’s a bunch of characters and I’m afraid they make me feel like a pompous ass. But seriously, they are dumber than dirt. And it’s not their fault. They are a product of the Florida education system.  Don’t ask me how I came out unscathed. Maybe it’s because I’m significantly older than a lot of them, or that the older students (clearly much older than me) are not from here. Either way, the ignorance (let’s look up the definition, I’m not being rude) of my fellow classmates is a little frustrating at times. I want to be challenged, I NEED to be challenged. Right now, I challenge myself. I have to, because I’m not getting it from my fellow classmates.

For example, right now I’m listening to this girl flirt with the professor while we are on break. But I digress. I wanted to tell you about the beginning part of class, just so you can understand the hell that I endure every Tuesday.  I don’t know how half of these people are going to pass.

Anyway.  Today the beginning part of class was taken up by a Career Counselor teaching us how to write a resume. Yes, you heard correctly. How to write a resume. The way I managed to not fall asleep during this highly stimulating portion of the evening was to take notes so that I could provide you with an accurate description.

First, we had an advisor come in to “teach” us how to write a resume. Really. I’m not kidding. The advisor, had a piercing, wait for it, wait for it…in her FACE!! Yes, it was not in her lip, or her nose, but the part of your face in between those two. Can you imagine? This is the advisor. For the love of all that is holy, how did I get here and please someone save me from this hell.  The following are some quotes from this presentation that would have been appropriate for my 19 year old, but definitely not for anyone in this class:

objective and crap

Google Resume Action words


“make sure you use your big words when talking about what you can do”

“nerves will make you nervous”

Seriously, that last one is the Captain Obvious statement of the day.  Then she went on to discuss how to interview.  She wanted to remind everyone to change their voice mail from the rap songs so that it sounds more professional. Um, in order to be more, shouldn’t there be a slight modicum of professionalism? Honestly!! (said in my best Austin Powers voice).  She also wanted to be sure to tell everyone not to wear the same suit if you get called for a second interview, and the best was saved for last. How to interview and deal with a cross dresser. She wanted to be sure to let us know that it was illegal to make fun of that person. Um, really? O.K.

Then we started discussing current events and the nomination hearing of Supreme Court nominee Kagan.  My classmate in front of me said that Kagan should not have military protection since she doesn’t agree with them. I literally had to bite my tongue to keep from going off on this lady.  I have to remember, it’s like dealing with children.

I know I sound like an education elitist, and well, maybe I am a little bit. But then I guess I was raised that way and that has a lot to do with it.

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It seems, I’ve left some of my research project still to be done. I’ve got to finish the research and then type it up. And oh, yea, I’m supposed to work today. I’ll obviously be going into the office late today and then I suppose I’ll be leaving early.  I’ve not got too much to do, so hopefully I can get it done in two hours.

The good news is that I’ve written my paper already, so all I have to do is print that out.  Speaking of school. Have I mentioned some of the characters in that class?  Well, there are quite a few.  There’s the know it all. Who I actually like. Really nice guy, but dude, it is not written anywhere that you need to answer every single question that the professor asks. Ever heard of the Socrates method?  I can only blame myself. This is a program being held at the local college. Finishing school and going to Law School aren’t an option right now.  I’m not willing to make my kids sacrifice that much.  I’ll do Law School when they are older. You are never old enough, that’s how I look at it. This program will allow me to make a decent wage (not that I don’t already, but I’m bored out of my mind on a daily basis).  Back to the characters, I’ve introduced you to Mr. Know It All, then there is his friend, Mr. Cute, but is he Gay?  This dude tries so hard. I mean, it’s ridiculous how hard he tries. And he still doesn’t always get it.  I’ll introduce more to you later.

On top of this I’ve got some errands I need to run.  I’m lucky that I don’t have any bosses in the office today. I should be able to take care of the research this morning and be back in the office by 11a.

I’ve no idea what I’ll be eating. My regular breakfast I suppose. I’ll also most likely have a cup of soup for lunch.  And a latte for dinner. Ok, no not really. I’ll have a latte on the way to school and then have something for dinner afterwards. That something might just be some watermelon. I’m not cooking at 9p.

I still have the season premiere of Entourage and Hung on the DVR with about 4,982,983,939 episodes of General Hospital. The storyline with Sonny has been so terrible that I haven’t wanted to watch it at all.

Plans with T are set! Countdown begins.  I’m going to go to a WW meeting on Friday at lunchtime in order to avoid a post party let down.  No exercise today. I have school, remember.

Where’s the coffee.

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You just never know when you are going to have a kick ass run and when you aren’t.  I started out thinking I’ll do 4 tonight. And then I realized that I haven’t even run 3 miles straight, so I quickly decided to not try to bite off too much.  It was, of course, hot as hell. But I didn’t care, I was determined to do this.  I’ve had so many ups and downs this past few days and my poor Andy Roddick lost today, so I wanted to go run to try and improve my mood.

As I set off I felt great, ran for much longer than I did the time before and took my first break. Then I started running again and as I went into the 2nd mile I started to think that I wouldn’t do 3 at all. I’d like to thank Nirvana for getting me through that 2nd mile.  That’s when I got a second burst of energy and I was able to power through the second mile.  I took a quick walking break, and this is when I’d like to give a special shout out to the assholes sitting in their cars smoking. It was great to inhale a great big breath of cigarette smoke when I was taking a walking break. Ugh! There’s a reason I quit smoking. It was so I could run. Yea, that was really pleasant and enjoyable.  The only time I don’t care about breathing smoke is when I’m two to three glasses of wine in. Or shots. If I’m doing shots, I don’t care about the smoking. Finishing up and starting the 3rd mile of my run, yea, not so much.

Man! I feel like a woman!!  That’s what came on as I was finishing up and it was exactly what I needed as I ran that third mile.  I finished in 31 minutes. 3 miles in 31 minutes. That’s amazing, even for me.  Ok, so here’s my thing. What I need to NOT do. Is when I run again on Wednesday, if I’m slower, well, then, it’s ok. You hear that??!!  Remind me of that when I start bitching about running slower than I did on Monday. Because here’s the thing, here’s what’s important. That I run on Wednesday. Who cares how fast I go.  I am not trying to qualify for Boston. Not yet.  There’s plenty of time for that later.

I had some sirloin over a salad for dinner.  Not much recipe there, sorry. I got home too late to make the roasted cauliflower. I’ll have to post it later. It’s really good.

Can someone explain Cricket to me?

Books: Ok, so here’s my secret confession.  I like the Twilight books. I can’t wait to read Eclipse so I can see the movie. It’ll be the next book I read.  Yea, I said it. I like those books. What about it??  I know that this won’t sit well with some of the many intelligent people I converse with on twitter.  But I don’t care. Don’t judge.  It’s like an escape.  Actually, this is a separate post. However, I thought I would throw it out there.

I get to see my girl T on Friday. I’m counting down the days to the holiday weekend. Right now, though, I need to go and finish my paper on Ethics. I really, really, really want school to be finished. Oh well, I have this weekend to look forward to.

Have a good night!!

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I had forgotten about this.  I just read a blog post (it’s a common theme, so it doesn’t matter where I read it) about how life marches on.  Whether you march with it or watch it pass you by, it marches on. Time does not stand still and us wishing for it to do so is pointless.  My daughter had a realization of this.  She wants time to stand still in order to enjoy this moment a little bit longer. Well, as best as a 7-year old can grasp that concept.  She said, “don’t you want to stay the age that you are now?  I do Mommy, I want to stay little forever.”  And yes, sweetie, it would be great if we could freeze-frame a point in our lives.  Especially if it’s a particularly good point or time.

But we can’t. And I forgot that.  Carpe Diem.  I remember first hearing this phrase in Dead Poet’s Society a film that starred Robin Williams.  Have you seen in? If not, you must stop reading this post immediately and go watch it.  That movie shaped my thought process on education. It highlighted what was missing in my education and gave me a foundation for what I wanted to impart to my children. When I had them of course, since I didn’t have any at the time that this movie came out.  But most importantly, it made me realize that life must be lived. Now, in the moment.

Seize the day!  Because, really, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. But, life will go on regardless of whether you decide to live it.  I don’t want to wind up at the end thinking woulda, coulda, shoulda.  What a waste that would be.  So no more wasteful weekends like I just had.  Every moment is one to be lived.  To be enjoyed. And if not enjoyed, then most definitely to learn from.

So, I’m off to seize the day! Who knows what it might bring.

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Monday that is. I don’t usually hate Mondays, but this morning I’m feeling the stress of things left undone that I wasn’t feeling last night.  I have my paper still to do as well as finishing the research project for class Tuesday night. I’m also still way behind on laundry.  Not to mention that I’ve got to go to work today.

I’m also out of Splenda and can’t have coffee because of it. I’ll stop on the way at Dunkin’ Donuts (yea, a sacrifice, um, not so much) but it means that I have to get ready without it. I really look forward to my coffee while I’m getting ready for work and I won’t have any this morning.   I’ll have to figure out my food later, but chances are good it’s going to be a salad from work for lunch.  I’ll have a piece of steamed tilapia and some roasted cauliflower for dinner. Again, maybe I’ll take some pictures. Actually, the roasted cauli would make a good recipe for that portion of the R of this here blog.

I’ll be running after work with D.  She wants me to force her to work out so work out I shall. Especially since I didn’t work out yesterday.  Spending several hours spent by the pool drained every ounce of energy that I had.

Watched the Daytime Emmy’s last night. They were a joke.  I hate when I stay up to watch something and it turns into a waste of time like that.  No matter, I’ve got Hung and Entourage on DVR.  I won’t get to watch it though, until Wednesday because today I’ll be watching that Cheese-fest called The Bachelorette.  Some of the TV I watch is pure trash, but it’s ok, every now and again you need to have some candy. Moderation is all that is required.

I decided to stop reading The Passage for now.  I was into it, but I wasn’t, haven’t had time to devote to it and I wouldn’t be able to finish it before the due date, next Sat July 3rd.  I’ll pick it back up again when I get it on my library queue. Or, maybe I’ll just wait until it goes onto paperback. I also may wind up buying it. We’ll see how I feel. Right now, I have stacks of books next to my nightstand that I don’t feel too guilty about stopping and picking this up later.  I ‘m thinking I need a little fluff these days.  So, I picked up “When She’s Bad” by Leanne Banks. Really easy, light reading. But I can’t help but have  a sense of deja vu reading this.  I don’t think I’ve read it before, but I don’t recall 100%.  I’ll keep reading, like I said, because it’s light and easy. Plus the main character is a hard-ass, strong women who has vulnerability underneath her exterior shell and I can definitely relate to her.  It’s not a book that I’ll review, but like I said, when you can connect and find commonality with the main character, the book begs to be read.

Ah, the witching hour, time to get ready for work.

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I don’t have any this time. Truly. I didn’t get done all that I needed to, but I’m ok with that. I’m like Scarlett O’Hara and will worry about that tomorrow.

Shy and I had a great time at the pool with her friend.  After that we went and had some frozen yogurt at Yogurtland and then went home to relax, exhausted after being out in the heat.  We all watched the World Cup game, and felt horrible for all the England fans.  I really, really wanted England to win, but sadly, they had a poor showing and Germany was clearly the better team. However, you wonder, if that goal that wasn’t counted as a goal would have been counted, how differently would the game have gone. That was something I think, that could have had a huge emotional impact on the team and perhaps they would have played differently. The sad truth is that, though, just like my team USA Saturday, England did not outperform their opponent.  Listen to me, going on about the World Cup like I know what I’m talking about. HAH!!!  I don’t, I suppose I’m just repeating what that wonderful English announcer said.

Tonight, I’m DVRing the season premiere of Entourage because the Daytime Emmy Awards show is on.  I can’t wait, I hope my General Hospital takes home the gold!!  Sadly, though, there is no pre-show Red Carpet show. Sad, because, as a fashionista, I love looking at those girls in the gowns and the shoes, oh lordy, the shoes!!  I am a shoe-whore, plain and simple. Which, I’ve been told is much better than being other types.

Ok, time to get before bedtime snacks and get the kids prepped for bed time.

Oh yea, and can someone please tell the Red Sox to stop getting injured. It’s great that they are winning games, but if there’s an injury every game, July isn’t going to be as positive as June has been.

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