American Sniper

This movie is one of those movies that I will be thinking about for days. I don’t go to the movies that often. I prefer to wait and watch them in the comfort of my own home. But this one seemed important and I really wanted to see it and not wait so I did. It’s a true story, which I knew going into it but I had no idea how it ended. You should probably stop reading if you don’t want spoilers.

Ok.  Everyone gone now?

I had no idea how the movie would end. At one point, I thought he was going to die in a massive firefight that they were having and I said to my husband, “I’ll be so annoyed if this is how it ends.” The truth was, the actual ending was far worse.  I can’t believe that he survived and overcame all that he had encountered to be killed the way he was. I find it so traumatizing as a wife and mother. Just when they thought they had the rest of their lives to be happy, it turns out that it was only one more day.

I suppose the truth is, none of know when that last day is going to be. None of us know the last time we will say good bye, or I love you to our loved ones. It’s one reason why I always tell mine that I love him as he’s walking out the door. I want to live to be old with this man, but you never know.

Of course, in the case of this movie, the ending was so tragic that in the end it was a soldier, someone he was helping that did him in.  Also, I felt like this was something that I should have seen in the news, but I can’t recall ever hearing about it.

The movie was so well done. I usually say that when it’s a movie that stays with me afterwards. This one has. This one will for some time to come.


Still Alice by Lisa Genova

After owning this book for several years, I had heard that they had made a movie of it and that Julianne Moore was in the starring role. I am a fan of hers and thought it was finally time to read this book as I’ve heard great things about it. After reading it, I can say that this book is definitely underrated. It touched me in a way that most books don’t. Maybe because I’m not that much younger than Alice, or maybe because my Aunt just lost her father (not my grandfather) to Alzheimer’s, this novel really just resonated with me.

The book goes through Alice’s life month by month and you witness her deterioration happen month  by month. You realize, as does Alice, that this is happening quickly. And you also realize, that unbelievably, there is no way to stop or stem the disease. At one point, the character and myself have the same thought. This is worse than cancer.

It’s no secret I love to read, and when Alice had to stop reading because she forgot the plot lines and characters in the book I really felt her pain and her sorrow.  At one point, towards the end of the book when her husband was being so selfish I actually started crying. I was laying in our hammock outside with my husband enjoying a balmy South Florida winter afternoon and just started tearing up. I couldn’t believe having to go through that and then the man that was/is supposed to stand by you want to completely upend the last remnants of your life because of his own selfish needs. I looked at my husband and asked him would he take care of me even if I got Alzheimer’s and forgot who he was. I asked him to promise to remember our love even if I couldn’t. Laying in our hammock, reading this book, my spouse and I shared a very loving and tender moment.  Not many books can bring that to a person. You know you’ve got a good book when one does.

Let me say, I don’t have Alzheimer’s nor has any of my immediate family members gotten it. I’m just saying that Lisa Genova was able to make me connect with Alice and imagine the horrible possibility.  I’m glad I read it before I saw the movie, as I am with most books, because now I know to be sure to bring some Kleenex with me when I do watch.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Totally going to try doing this.

I tend to read short stories in little sips. I’ll read one short story every few days. I’ll read it in one sitting, but I take my time and let each one simmer with me. Grisham left the best story, in my opinion, for last. That last story, Funny Boy, left me feeling the feels. I actually got a little teary eyed at the end, the only story in the collection that brought me to tears. It takes place in 1989 in Clancy, Mississippi. Which, all of the stories take place there, thus the name of the collection. It tells a story of homophobia, racism and acceptance.  It also tells the story of love. How it’s been lost and how it has been found in the least likely of places.

I was mid-read when Grisham made his now infamous white-guy-child-porn-teenage-girls comments in an interview by The Guardian.  Google will give you the youtube videos as well as 1,267,396 editorial articles.  When I first saw the interview all I could think was, please stop talking. Just hush.  Because he was making a statement, and was doing it so poorly that you walked away wondering what you would find on his own internet search history.

I have seen debates in the bookish community about separating the author from his/her work and the authors mentioned never really resonated with me. I didn’t read their books, so I could only guess how I would feel about an author whose work I loved did something that didn’t resonate with my own morals/beliefs/whatever. Now, I had one. I have loved Grisham since the late 80’s when he first started publishing books. I was still young enough to believe I could be a lawyer/writer and was in school. I read every book he published immediately.  This kind of devotion lasted for years and then I kind of moved on to other authors as his books weren’t as enticing as they had once been. The last few years, I have been reading the books I missed and especially like several, including The Confession. It seemed like Grisham was going old school. So when this interview went viral I thought, ugh. And then I realized, this wasn’t going to make me stop reading him. Yea, I really found his comments to be on the very disgusting side. However, I found, It didn’t stop me from finishing that book. Or stop me from enjoying his work.

Apparently, I can separate an author from his work.

October Reading

I usually don’t read books based on seasons, except for Christmas. I will try and read holiday based books during the month of December. This year I am reading scary, spooky books for October. I’ve been wanting to read The Shining by Stephen King for the longest time, so I decided there was no time like the present. I am only a few pages in so there isn’t much to say about it yet. But I have seen the movie and I did like it and find it super creepy when I was a little kid. I will report back on this book later in the month.

Also being read this month is the The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. I am thoroughly enjoying this book and find myself sneaking in a page here and there when I can. I’m sure that this book will be finished by the end of the weekend. This is the first time I’ve read Maureen Johnson, so I will be looking to read more titles by her.

Next up for the month is Bird Box by josh Malerman. I have heard that this book is crazy scary so I may wind up only reading this one during the day. We will see.

I’m also reading Ford County, a short story collection by John Grisham. I started reading this about a week ago, so before the child-porn-60-year-old-white-guy controversy. That, seriously guys, is another post for another day.

Photo testing


Posting on the go

I’ve finally gotten an iPad mini and am thinking about getting a Bluetooth keypad as I think I will be more likely to post more often if I wasn’t tied to my laptop to post. Plus I really need a new laptop, it’s so slooooooow that I tend to not want to use it as often. Tell me how you post? Do you post on the run? Or do you usually only post on a computer or laptop?